The Who

I am a girl, a millenial with a wary faith in millenials, and a writer when no one is looking. Out in the world I am or have been a bike mechanic, bartender, and foxhole-digger at a local arts nonprofit. My hiding places include music (esp. live, esp. blues), my Murphy bed, frozen ponds, bicycles, words, and anything that hasn’t actually happened but would be lovely if it did.

The What

A hot mess of collected poems, stories, rants, and other scribbles.

The Why

Two reasons: 1) Because most days I walk around feeling like the slack in a trigger, and am convinced I will die of overwhelmedness unless I semi-regularly take the series of frustrations/lucky breaks folded within our lives and wrestle them into something that will command your attention, and 2) that we all want something to command our attention. Thus, I throw my humble hat into the ring that is the ever-expanding blogosphere and try to maintain a state of whelmedness and to help you do the same.

Please have fun, and be careful. Read on, you.


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